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Mug round Mug round(9cm / 3 1/2in)RM09
Mug cylindrical with handle Mug cylindrical with handle(9cm / 3 1/2in)CM10
Mug without handle Mug without handle(10 x 7cm / 4 x 2 1/2in)PM11
Campana cup and saucer (Tea cup) Campana cup and saucer (Tea cup)(cup 11, saucer 16cm / cup 4 1/4, saucer 6 1/4in)CSTC
Spaltenna cup and saucer Spaltenna cup and saucer(cup 10 saucer16cm / cup 4, saucer 6 1/4in)CSSP
Espresso cup and saucer Espresso cup and saucer(cup 7, saucer 12cm / cup 2 3/4, saucer 4 3/4in)CSEX

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