Oval platter 28x37

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Oval platter 28x37

Oval platter 28x37

Code: OP28
Dimensions: 29 x 37cm / 11 1/2 x 14 1/2in
Cost (in Euro, VAT and shipping not included), depending on price level of design: €57 (A), €70 (B), €90 (C), €115 (D), €155 (GOLD)
This plate can be hung, but has to be prepared accordingly before painting. If intended to use as a wall plate, please request with order.

Typical oval serving platter useful for meat or side dishes for three or four persons. 


Decor: OLN001 Olives Nico 
Decor: OLN001
Olives Nico
Decor: RNO016 Renaissance 16 
Decor: RNO016
Renaissance 16

All our bisques are handmade and therefore small variations in size are possible.

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