Round Planter 30 Testa di Leone (Lion Head) with Rinascimento nero (Nero, Mostarda) - Renaissance Black, Mustard

PTL30_RNB001   PTL30_RNB001   PTL30_RNB001

Round Planter 30 Testa di Leone (Lion Head)
Rinascimento nero (Nero, Mostarda) - Renaissance Black, Mustard

A big flowerpot to place on the floor, which can contain big (and high) plants. The lion heads fixed to the two lateral handles add to the elegance of this piece. It is 30 cm / 12 in. wide externally (without handles), 24 cm / 9.5 in. internally and 25 cm / 10 in. high.

The acanthus leaf is a recurring motif in the traditional Renaissance design created for the Medici family of Florence. A rich design fit for nobility. This motif is widely used for decorative pieces as well as table and kitchen ware. Choice of different colour combinations makes it astonishingly versatile - from a very traditional to an unusual and modern, but always elegant appearance. The Renaissance design unites three different elements: the leaf design, which appears in a narrow band on plates and most other forms, a combination of stylized leafs and flowers appears as center piece on bigger plates, bowls and platters, and a wide band, called rich Renaissance or rinascimento a fiaschetti decorates plates with a very broad rim or other pieces with enough space, like this exceptional planter.

Code: PTL30_RNB001
Dimensions: 30cm / 12in

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Total inluding VAT (if applicable):€ 366.00

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