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About Rampini Ceramics

The Rampini Family

Giuseppe Rampini was born in Gubbio, a splendid Umbrian town where ceramics have been created since the 15th century. With a passion for artisan work in his heart, Giuseppe moved to Florence where he opened a workshop producing religious mosaics and stained glass for churches the world over. In the early 80’s he left Florence to move to a small village in the heart of Chianti. Here, together with his son, Romano, he opened a small ceramics business.

Bottiglione with curled handles Bottiglione with curled handles Bottiglione with curled handles - Pomegranates (PMG001) Urn - Burgundy (BUR001) Umbrella stand 30 - Red Fruit (FRR001)

At first, Romano was the sole painter but his sister, Tiziana, and friends Tania and Dolly soon joined him. Today the Rampini family counts three generations all working together.

As time passed, the old farmhouse which was the heart of the production of the ceramics became more and more crowded with the ever increasing number of visitors, curious to understand the nature of this craft, attracted by the beautiful surroundings, the warm welcome of the Rampini family and, moreover, the quality of the finished product.

Over the years, these elements have appealed not only to our customers, but also to renowned artists who have shared in this creative experience – Pauline Bewick from Ireland, Gavin Chilcott from New Zealand and Milton Glaser from New York.

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