Renaissance Dark red, turqoise (RNO016)

Rampini Ceramics' Customers

Although this is still a family enterprise, every year numerous visitors from all over the world visit our studio and workshop in Radda in Chianti or our showroom in Florence. This large number of people from near and far has in common the appreciation of the high quality of our hand painted ceramics.

Our customers are what we prize above all, and the personal friendships that have begun and grown through our common love of ceramics are priceless. We get many visitors coming to us while on organized tours - be it a walking tour or a cycling trip through the Chianti hills. Others read about us in newspaper articles or may have visited our web site and plan a visit to see our ceramics in their trip itinerary. Of course, there are customers who are friends of people that have been here in the past and have been able to see our pottery in their friends' homes and on their dinner tables. They are in the privileged position of having seen the ceramics in their natural setting! With food on them! In this sense, they are already one step ahead compared to the regular customer who arrives and sees the dishes for the first time. After all, the pottery is meant to be used for food and there is nothing like seeing a delicious green salad actually inside one of our salad bowls.

We now produce an average of 800 place sets per year, among other pieces, all made to order for our customers. Although we have a wide variety of designs on display in our showrooms, we pride ourselves on being able to personalize any object according to the customer’s wishes, thus satisfying their most specific requests. We do not sell through importers or to shops, but only on a direct and personal basis.

Of course, we keep all records of what customers have ordered in the past and the process of adding to an existing order is simple. It often happens that a lunch set grows in to a dinner set or a tea set becomes a breakfast set. We pride ourselves on being able to always satisfy the developing needs of our customers.

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