Fish platter Barchetta (FPBA) - Blue Fruit (FBL001)

Business gifts

Small gifts (poppies and poppies with green rim) and business cardsRampini Ceramics production process allows us to customize our pottery to our customers' requests. We work with many corporations who wish to remember an event like a conference or an anniversary with a memento, a significant gift that will remain. The ceramics are mostly small individual pieces that can be easily carried in hand luggage on a journey back home. The gifts are normally personalized with the name or logo of the corporation and the date of the event. We can present the individual ceramics in small gift boxes.

Usually we advise that businesses get in touch with us at least 3 months prior to the event to allow us the time needed to produce the articles. Further information can be found on the page describing personalization and customization. Please get in touch for a discussion of your requirements. In case of large orders we may be able to offer a discount.

Details and prices on request:
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Business gift samples: pottery decorated with Queen Lemons (QLM001) Business gift samples: pottery decorated with Burgundy (BUR001) Business gift samples: pottery decorated with Tiziana September
Some examples of dishes which would make suitable individual gifts, here decorated with Queen Lemons, Burgundy and Tiziana September. Any other of our many decors could be chosen, too.

Animali (ANM) For further information and to order
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