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Different Ways of Choosing

The most delicate and interesting part is perhaps choosing the pattern you prefer. Most customers already have a good idea of what shapes they require. We normally advise people to think about what use they will make of the ceramics they want to purchase. Will the dishes be destined for informal, outdoor eating? A breakfast set or a set of serving pieces for a barbecue supper? There are patterns that are more informal, more colourful and really look great in an easy going relaxed situation.

Bowls Tiziana Spring Red and Monocolore Bowls Poppies (PAP001 - different reds) Bowls Ortolana (ORT001) Bowls Fior di Lino special colours (FDL001) Bowls Monocolours (MNC000)

Of course, then there is the customer who is looking for a formal dinner service. We have been producing dinner services for over 20 years and our sales consultants are experts in understanding and meeting customers' desires when it comes to setting the perfect dinner table. Whether a customer wants the full place setting from charger to bread plate and all the necessary serving pieces for formal occasions or smaller sets for family meals, we have patterns and forms for every family and their needs.

Often there are decorative factors that determine which pattern to choose. Perhaps a dining room already decorated using mainly shades of blue will draw a customer towards a design featuring varying tones of the same colour. Sometimes simply a favourite colour or flower or even animal is the deciding factor. Some of our patterns are strongly traditional going back to Renaissance art and cultured living, some reflect a more modern choice of colours and motifs, and some are genuine new creations of our designers. It is a very personal decision and we are here, ready to assist you in making this important choice.

Set Renaissance 16 (Dark red, turqoise) (RNO016) Renaissance 16 (Dark red, turqoise) - Sugar and creamer set (SZMT) Renaissance 16 (Dark red, turqoise) - Salt and pepper set (SPP0) Renaissance 16 (Dark red, turqoise) - Bowls Renaissance 16 (Dark red, turqoise) - Charger (CH32) Renaissance 16 (Dark red, turqoise) Renaissance 16 (Dark red, turqoise) Renaissance 16 (Dark red, turqoise)


We offer just over hundred different shapes and around eighty different designs and variants of designs - which theoretically gives a choice between 8.000 different pieces! On the other hand not all patterns 'work' on all shapes - some patterns typically are used on tableware, but not on decorative pieces or vice versa, some patterns work better on small or medium sized forms, but not the very big pieces, some shapes are decorated only with specific patterns and so on. It gets even more interesting when we add the possibility to combine patterned pieces with pieces in matching or contrasting solid colours ('monocolore' - a deceivingly simple looking decoration) or 'Bianco Antico' ('Antique White').

The same design can be arranged on a piece in many different ways. A plate for example can be filled with a pattern all over, have the pattern on the rim only with a white or with a solid colour center, as a single motif in the center of the piece and so on. Patterned pieces can be combined with monocolour pieces in the tonalities of the pattern or with contrasting colours, as well as with 'Bianco antico' (Antique White). The size and the combination of pieces influences the layout of the pattern on a shape. These evaluations rely on the 'eye' and the long experience of our artistic staff, and this is one reason why orders are never processed automatically. As soon as we receive a request the order will be composed and evaluated by us and we will be in touch with the customer if there are any problems or specific suggestions.

In conclusion:

We are happy to respond to any questions or requests for advice you may have.

We can personalize or custom make pieces to individual requirements. Not all of our patterns are presented on this site - should you be interested in a decoration which is not included on the website, for example to extend an existing set, please get in touch.

For a detailed description how shipping, insurance, payment and the resolution of possible problems works, please see the Order FAQ.

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