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Much of the inspiration for the work at Rampini Ceramics is rooted in tradition and most evidently so in the history and the beauty of this territory. The art and the artisanship of hand-made ceramics can only be conserved by continuing to draw from the enormous heritage that has been left by centuries of creative work.

However, whilst knowing and loving that which has been, it is important to create and improve that which will be by continually striving to develop new ideas, thus using our creativity to give life to a constantly changing art.

Anna Lemons Breakfast setOur work has a dual purpose: to conserve the tradition and to renew the art – to reproduce and to invent. We hope that you too will share with us the pleasure of our timeless creations: to continue the tradition, to renew the art, to live the passion.

At Rampini Ceramics we offer a vast selection of tableware, decorative pieces and kitchenware. All in all over 100 different pieces or shapes decorated with around 80 different designs or patterns and their variants. Every order we receive is individually handled and produced. We pride ourselves on our willingness to help every customer to find 'their' pattern and 'their' set of pieces and on our capacity to meet special requests.

“What would you recommend?” We often get asked this question and there begins the unfolding of what in many cases becomes a personal relationship with the customer. Our reply to this question is “what use do you wish to make of your ceramics?”. There are some patterns that lend themselves to the more informal gathering. We had a wonderful order made recently by a customer who wanted a set of small bowls and large platters in different monocolours ... for him and his friends while they were watching the weekly football game! The purpose: dips in the small bowls and chips and vegetable sticks on the platters!

Another popular request is for a breakfast set. Many customers love the idea of having a special set of dishes for that important first meal of the day. We always remember the lovely family from Arizona who were so taken with the Lizards pattern, that what started as a small breakfast set composed of coffee mugs, cereal bowls and plates for pancakes, grew and after eighteen months became a lunch set!

A customer whom we particularly enjoy serving is the mother of the bride wishing to commemorate her daughter's special day with a set of Italian ceramics. We enjoy collaborating with families to make events such as weddings even more special. We can create a special wedding plate according to your wishes, which is much loved by many customers who have it proudly hanging in their home.

We usually recommend a more classic design as wedding pottery. The Rinascimento (Renaissance) pattern in the classic blue and white design is what we often make for young couples as it is an easy pattern that goes with most interiors and has a very likeable adaptability: it can make a delightful design to have on a dinner table or a pleasing lunch set.

It is a journey of discovery with our customers. Our sales staff try to find out what vision the customer has for the pottery they want to buy, and satisfy that need.

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