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Order Process, Payment, Shipping, Insurance, Resolving Problems

How do I place an order?

However suits you best! At Rampini Ceramics we have no automatic order procedure you have to follow. On this website we present designs and shapes (plus a pricelist and an order form) for your choice. There is also a special section with some recommendations worked out by our staff and a gifts area. We can be contacted by mail, phone (+39-0577-738043), fax (+39-0577-738776), or email.

We respond to all enquiries individually with a detailed offer, worked out by our artistic and sales staff. This offer also contains details of production time and total cost (including shipping and insurance cost and VAT, where applicable).

To fulfill an order we will need the customer's name and address, the complete shipping address, and a greeting text to include with a gift. We also need a telephone number which the shipping company can call when the delivery is made.

How does payment work? And when will I be charged?

When a customer wishes to place an order we either require credit card details (sent by fax or phone), a bank wire, or a personal cheque. As we produce only to order, and often the ceramics are personalized, we charge 50% of the total order cost when we start producing an order, and 50% when the order is completed, packed up and sent to the specified destination.

How much will shipping cost?

The shipping cost covers door-to-door service from here in Italy to the final destination. It is calculated on the basis of weight and volume of the box, or boxes in which the ceramics will be packed. Insurance cost to cover the goods while they are in transit is also included. This covers any eventual breakages that may occur while the shipment is on the journey to its destination.

Our shipping costs are calculated to our specific needs below standard tariffs. We have been shipping ceramics internationally for many years and the competitive rates that we are able to offer to our customers reflect the good working relationship we have with the shipping company.

The shipping cost is charged together with payment for the ceramics. So a ceramics order will contain the total cost of the pottery ordered, VAT (where applicable), plus the shipping and insurance cover to get the ceramics from Italy to the customer's home.

How does shipping of the ceramics work?

Perhaps surprisingly the packing process is the most 'modern' and technologically advanced aspect of our work. Obviously, we have a lot of experience on how best to arrange the single bubble wrapped pieces into a sound internal structure in the boxes. We use a liquid foam to further protect even the most delicate items.

If there is nevertheless a breakage of any item while it is in transit we deal with the insurance procedure to replace the broken piece or pieces of pottery. We ask the customer to inform their local FedEx agency and keep the broken piece and the packing material and to let us know as soon as possible about a breakage, not later than 10 days after delivery. We request a good photograph illustrating the damaged area of the item to be sent to us by e-mail. As far as the customer goes, that is all we need. The insurance cover is activated from here in Italy and we begin the process of re-making the piece.

How long until I get my ceramics?

From the moment an order is placed, we estimate a production time of circa 4 to 10 weeks, depending on our workload and the size of an order. We will communicate a more precise production time when we receive an order.

Shipping time is estimated at 5 to 6 working days, door to door delivery.

Do I have to pay VAT?

Payment of VAT depends on the location to which we send the ceramics. If we sell to a private customer within the European Union VAT of 21% is due and has to be charged by us. For businesses in the EU and for all customers outside the European Union we do not need to charge VAT. Where applicable, VAT will of course be included in the offer we send for a customer's confirmation.

Do I have to pay customs duties?

The shipping cost covers transport from here in Italy to the final destination, plus the insurance cover to guarantee the goods while they are in transit. The customs and excise duties are another matter altogether. Only the government of the destination country can charge this tax if applicable and no one apart from the specific tax department of the destination country can ask for and collect this tax!

How easy is it to add to my collection in the future?

When you place an order for ceramics, all order details are entered into our database. If, at a later time, you decide you would like to enlarge your dinner service or add an extra few serving pieces, then it is a simple matter of looking at your initial order and adding the new pieces in the same design with any particularities that you may have requested the first time around, for example a dedication on the back of the plates or a slight colour change, taken into consideration. Normally, we always ask for the customer to take a good, clear photograph of one of the dishes that they already have, so as to enable the artist to match the new pieces to the originals.

Do you have a sales outlet in the US?

At present we do not have a direct sales outlet in the US. There are various stores within the US that carry some of our ceramics but we do not have an exclusive sales outlet of our own.

Is there a minimum order amount?

There is no minimum sales amount. We advise to take into consideration that purchasing just one or two items the shipping cost to your home can be quite considerable, and we like to make customers aware of the fact that we have very good shipping rates but smaller shipments can still be relatively expensive. For example, a dinner service for 6 works out to be fairly reasonable to ship, but 3 cereal bowls are relatively expensive to send.

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