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Shapes (bisques)

At Rampini Ceramics we originally manufactured the classic decorative shapes such as wall plates and urns. This is still an important part of our work. The evolution into tableware came about as customers suggested we paint our designs on dinner plates and pasta bowls as well. The move to expand our production in this direction progressed quickly and now we produce dishes for the table and practical and beautiful pieces of kitchenware as well as elaborate ornamental items for the whole home.

Our tableware range comprises many pieces, creating a wide range, from round and square dinner plates, pasta bowls and salad plates, various serving bowls and platters, fish plates, tea, coffee and espresso sets to all the miscellaneous pieces necessary to complete a set. Decorative items extend from small candle stick holders over planters and platters to impressive urns and wall plates - from a small highlight in a room to the truly important piece. Kitchen jars, utensils holders and spoon rests give a chance for daily working use of beautiful, individually produced items of artistic design.

In most cases there is no clear distinction between decorative pieces and tableware. The big platters are most often produced as wall plates or decorative pieces placed on a sideboard, but they will make spendid serving pieces for a special meal served at an elegantly laid table or on a big buffet. Many classical table dishes work extremely well as small (or big) accents in a room. Serving bowls can be used as fruit or nut bowls or for flower displays, round or square plates and the small fish platter 'barchetta' hold keys or coins ...

This page organizes the shapes into bigger groups, to allow better orientation. Alternatively there is a list displaying all shapes at a glance.

All our bisques are handmade and therefore small variations in size are possible.

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