Bottle holder and Versatoio with grapes in "Bianco Antico"

An elegant combination: a bottle holder and a fruit dish with leaves and grapes decorated with the "Bianco Antico" decor.

For the "Bianco antico - Antique White" decor the painter applies an off-white color with big brush strokes, which gives the finished pieces a structured effect. It is also called invecchiamento ('aging'). The versatoio is an old kitchen object, the name indicating a dish used for pouring. Now it is mostly used as a decorative piece or a fruit dish if not a center piece for a table, and the bottle holder, apart from taking its rightful place on a well set table can serve as a vase or an utensil holder.

1 Bottle holder / Utensil jar big (PB00) (22 x 14cm, 8 1/2 x 5 1/2in)
1 Versatoio (with grapes) (41cm, 16 1/2in)

€. 50,00
€. 100,00
€. 150,00

Total Ceramics
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Total including VAT (where applicable)

€. -15,00
€. 135,00
€. 55,00
€. 190,00

€. 229,90

To order send an email or fax (+39-0577-738776). Please mention Bottle holder and Versatoio and include your address information. We will then contact you to confirm the date of delivery and arrange for payment. Shipping cost includes insurance to cover the goods while they are in transit. For a detailed description how shipping, insurance, payment and the resolution of any possible problem works, please see the Order FAQ.

For this set please calculate a production time of 4 to 6 weeks from the time the order is placed. Contact us, if you are interested in this set in a different design or would prefer a different combination of pieces.

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Bottle holder (PB00) - Bianco Antico (BNC001)Bottle holder (PB00) - Bianco Antico (BNC001)Versatoio with grapes (VSUV) - Bianco Antico (BNC001) Versatoio with grapes (VSUV) - Bianco Antico (BNC001) Versatoio with grapes (VSUV) - Bianco Antico (BNC001)

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