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Hexagon   Hexagon


Code: HX00
Dimensions: 34 x 39cm / 13 1/2 x 15 1/4in
Cost (in Euro, VAT and shipping not included), depending on price level of design: €70 (A), €83 (B), €110 (C), €135 (D), €175 (GOLD)
This plate can be hung, but has to be prepared accordingly before painting. If intended to use as a wall plate, please request with order.

This shape looks like a very modern piece, but even during the Renaissance plates of this shape were created. It is quite flat, so it can be used for serving cheese, cold cuts and anything else which is not juicy. As a decorative piece it is very adapt for narrow spaces as its flat shape does not stick out from the wall. 


Decor: ANL001 Anna Lemons on White 
Decor: ANL001
Anna Lemons on White
Decor: ANL002 Anna Lemons on Blu 
Decor: ANL002
Anna Lemons on Blu
Decor: BUR001 Burgundy 
Decor: BUR001
Decor: FRS001 Fruit on Mustard 
Decor: FRS001
Fruit on Mustard
Decor: GRS001 Sunflowers 
Decor: GRS001
Decor: LMC001 Lemon Liquor 
Decor: LMC001
Lemon Liquor
Decor: PMG001 Pomegranates 
Decor: PMG001
Decor: RNY001 Renaissance Blue, Yellow 
Decor: RNY001
Renaissance Blue, Yellow

All our bisques are handmade and therefore small variations in size are possible.

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