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Side plate   Side plate

Side plate

Code: SP22
Dimensions: 22cm / 8 3/4in
Cost (in Euro, VAT and shipping not included), depending on price level of design: €21 (A), €25 (B), €35 (C), €45 (D), €58 (GOLD)

One of the more important plates in our table set, as it has so many different uses: it can be used for antipasti, for a salad, for cheese and certainly also for a dessert. It is also a useful size to serve breakfast (toast, eggs ...). 


Decor: AGL002 Chilli Peppers 
Decor: AGL002
Chilli Peppers
Decor: LCH002 Lichen Red 
Decor: LCH002
Lichen Red
Decor: LCH003 Lichen Yellow 
Decor: LCH003
Lichen Yellow
Decor: LCH004 Lichen Brick 
Decor: LCH004
Lichen Brick
Decor: MNC000 Monocolour 
Decor: MNC000
Decor: PRM001 Primula Green 
Decor: PRM001
Primula Green
Decor: PRM012 Primula Red on Dark 
Decor: PRM012
Primula Red on Dark
Decor: RNB001 Renaissance Black, Mustard 
Decor: RNB001
Renaissance Black, Mustard
Decor: RNO018 Renaissance 18 
Decor: RNO018
Renaissance 18
Decor: RNW001 Renaissance Blue 
Decor: RNW001
Renaissance Blue
Decor: RNY001 Renaissance Blue, Yellow 
Decor: RNY001
Renaissance Blue, Yellow

All our bisques are handmade and therefore small variations in size are possible.

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