Round plate 44 with 4 handles with Ortolana - Vegetable Garden


Round plate 44 with 4 handles
Ortolana - Vegetable Garden

The basic shape of the two plates PLH4 and PR44 is identical. PLH4 additionally has four small handles, that make it quite original. Both are used for decorative pieces, but as they have some depth and raised rims, they can also be used as serving pieces instead of the more usual salad or pasta bowls.

Subject of this plate is a harmonious braid of fruit and vegetables rarely represented on ceramics. For its dimensions as well as its decor, beyond a purely decorative function, this plate can easily be a center piece for a table or be used as a serving dish at an important meal.

Code: PLH4_ORT001
Dimensions: 44cm / 18in

Cost:€ 450.00
Shipping:€ 45.00
Total:€ 495.00
Total inluding VAT (if applicable):€ 594.00

This plate can be hung, but has to be prepared accordingly before painting. If intended to use as a wall plate, please request with order.

To order this plate, please send us an email or fax (+39-0577-738776) and mention the code PLH4_ORT001.

Please include your address information. We will then contact you to confirm the date of delivery and arrange for payment. Shipping cost includes insurance to cover the goods while they are in transit. For a detailed description how shipping, insurance, payment and the resolution of any possible problem works, please see the Order FAQ.

All our bisques are handmade and therefore small variations in size are possible.

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