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Brocca Arcaica (Arcaic pitcher) Brocca Arcaica (Arcaic pitcher)(21cm / 8 1/4in)AP21
Jug Pino Jug Pino(10cm / 4in)TP10
Tuscan jug, small Tuscan jug, small(13cm / 5 1/4in)TS14
Tuscan jug, large Tuscan jug, large(21cm / 8 1/4in)TG21
Etruscan jug Etruscan jug(21cm / 8 1/4in)EP23
Cylindric jug, small Cylindric jug, small(18cm / 7 1/4in)CP19
Umbrian jug Umbrian jug(23cm / 9in)UP24
Brocca Torciglione (Twisted jug) Brocca Torciglione (Twisted jug)(25cm / 10 3/4in)JT00
Brocca 2 manici 1 becco (Jug 2 handles 1 spout) Brocca 2 manici 1 becco (Jug 2 handles 1 spout)(27cm / 10 3/4in)VS2M
Broccone small Aldo (Jug Aldo) Broccone small Aldo (Jug Aldo)(25cm / 10 3/4in)BRSM
Bottiglione con riccioli (Bottiglione with curled handles) Bottiglione con riccioli (Bottiglione with curled handles)(50cm / 19 3/4in)BOT0

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